Moses and Elizabeth (JONES) EASTEP / ESTEP

Moses ESTEP was born c1774-1784 in Rowan Co., NC (probably in area that is now Davie Co., NC).  His mother was Rebeckah ESTEP who was deceased by Aug 1822 in Rowan Co., NC.  See the section on Rebeckah ESTEP for more information.

On 1 Sep 1803 in Rowan Co., NC, Moses ESTEP married Elizabeth JONES.  Abraham EASTEP [uncle?] was the bondsman and J. HUNT was the witness.

Elizabeth JONES was born c1773-1788 (in PA or Rowan Co., NC) to Solomon and Elizabeth (?) JONES.

The ages for Moses and Elizabeth are inconsistent on census records.  According to 1820 Rowan Co., NC census, Moses was born c1775-1794 and Elizabeth c1794-1804.  I am unable to find Moses and his family on 1830 census in NC or AL.  He could be the Moses Estep living in Bedford Co., TN.  The 1840 Lauderdale Co., AL census has the oldest male as born 1810-1820 and the oldest female (Elizabeth) as born c1780-1790.  I believe Moses was not counted on the 1840 census and may have been away at that time or was overlooked.  The 1850 Lauderdale Co., AL census listed Moses as age 66 and Elizabeth as 66 then the 1860 Lauderdale Co., AL census listed Moses as age 84 or 87 and Elizabeth as 87.  Using the year ranges, Moses was born sometime from 1773 to 1784 and Elizabeth from 1773 to 1794.  Since they married in 1803, both would be at least 15 years old although Elizabeth could be a few years younger, the birth year cut off for both would be c1788.  [See census section for more information.]

Children of Moses and Elizabeth (JONES) EASTEP / ESTEP:
1.  Eliza ESTEP (possible daughter) (1804 - ?) m/ Campbell CARLISLE.
2.  Margaret ESTEP (1804 - 1882) m/ John PAYNE.
3.  Ruth "Ritty" ESTEP (c1806 - ?) m/ William MIZE.
4.  Rachel ESTEP (1808 - 1873) m/ John Morgan BAITY.
5.  Solomon ESTEP  (possible son) (c1809 - c1827) m/ Mary BAITY.
6.  (female)  ESTEP (b. c1810-20 per 1820 census)
7.  James ESTEP (c1814 - ?) m/ Winney COLE.
8.  Thomas ESTEP (c1815-18 - ?) m1/ Martha A. BURNEY; m2/ Nancy (COFFMAN)
9.  (female) ESTEP (b. c1810-20 per 1820 census)
10.  N. Isaac ESTEP (1822 - bef 1870) m1/ Sarah Ann JONES; m2/ Elizabeth JOHNSON.
11.  Abraham ESTEP (1824 - 1872) m1/ Ann WALLACE / WALLIS; m2/ Sarah GRICE.
12.  Debra ESTEP (possible daughter) (1825 - 1875) never married.
13.  Solomon ESTEP (possible son) (1826 - 1907) m/ Malinda JONES.
14.  John ESTEP (possible son) (c1829 - ?) m/ Sarah M. COLE.

Records from McCubbins Collection of Rowan Co., NC
Rowan Co., NC deed and marriage records
Lauderdale Co., AL deed and marriage records
Census records
Estep Family Newsletters
Estep Family Journal
Will of Solomon Jones, Rowan Co., NC

Nova A. Lemons
Geraldine Hampton (Mrs. Charles W.) -- now deceased
Rowena R. Shearer
Andreas Eastep
Shirlee Smith

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